Tuesday, 5 July 2011

V&A/Summer exhibition/D&AD New Blood

I had a jolly jaunt to London the other day to undertake all things cultural. I firstly visited the V&A museum for some third year essay research. This didn't really work out... but I saw some nice things all the same. The illustration awards were the most interesting, and I really like these etching prints by Hannah Simpson.

Over at the Summer Exhibition of the Royal College of art, there was a massive variety of work on offer. I found it slightly confusing as there seemed to be art from both students and established artists. All the same it was nice to look around something a bit different for a change. In the end I think everything new of different you see ends up influencing you in some way. I think I came away wanting to try more painting and drawing over the summer. It was something that I once was good at and I really want to rediscover as I think it would benefit my work. One of my favourite artists work was the collages David Mach. They were very cleverly done and I could have looked at them for ages!

The New Blood exhibition was also good, the standard of work was high, as usual. It scares me that will be in a year's time; out in the real world, trying to find a job like hundreds of other graduates!

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