Friday, 18 June 2010

Darwin and things in cases.

My obsession with birds and beautiful things in cases has continued with a visit to Manchester Museum to see the Darwin exhibition and there general collection. Hundreds of perfectly preserved birds and many other creatures all stored in the dark cases at the back of the museum. May sound morbid to some of you but it fascinates me no end! Wish I had some better pictures, but I have some from the Darwin exhibition. x

Degree show

Well, tonight was my first experience of the infamous degree show, where three years worth of work comes to a close. We went along mainly to see some of the work that the third years had been producing as I haven't previously seen anything from them. The night proved to be very interesting. I was most taken by the nice little area of the handmade publications. There was a wide variety, some more professional looking than others, but to me it looked like a lovely little treasure trove, sadly I have no photos of it! I also like the branding on the D&AD third year show. They all produced work along the theme of the ampersand (&). There was also a lovely exhibition catalogue which was free!!! It contained information on all the students including a small selection of their work. The designing of the catalogue was done by some of the third years, and the cover folds out to create an exhibition poster.

I also picked up a nice selection of the business cards that were on offer. They were all very nice and made you want to read them, they all defiantly showed off peoples skills and personal styles well! (front and back views)

There were some other nice pieces from a few 3D design students, including soap jewelry an some kind of patterned plastic curtain/wall hanging. There was also a very amusing piece by one of the foundation students with very cute illustration, images below.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Vintage Printable

I have been lusting after Edward Lear's, The Parrots. A book with numerous hand drawn studies of al kinds of exotic parrots. Its being sold on Taschen books for £60 which is WAYYY out of my price range. I was admitting defeat until I came across a lovely little site- Vintage Printable. This site contains thousands of botanical and study drawings which are able to be printed free of charge! x

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Heard of this website after reading through Living Etc where they had used some of their coloured tapes in an article. Its a really nice website which is really worth a look. I want everything! x