Tuesday, 20 July 2010


The small coffee shop chain Apostrophe (mainly based in London) are holding a design competition. The brief is to design a take away coffee cup to be used in the winter season. The winners designs will be used on cups between November until January 10/11, they also get £500 to spend on art supplies and a years free coffee! I think I'll give it a go! x


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Diana Mini

I gave into temptation and bought a diana mini from lomography. I decided it was time i learnt how to take photographs and with the diana being a VERY simple camera, I couldn't go wrong! But I was mistaken. Its not that it's hard, more that i'm very unpracticed when it come to film photography. Ah well, at least most of the shots ca me out in one way or another. Here are some of my favourites x


As I am on a very logn summer break, and un-employed, I decicded I would try my hand at making some paper bunting out of old maps. I think this new infatuation started when I saw this...

(It's a random window in Amsterdam, jealous of the pile of globes)

So i decided that as im definatly too poor too afford REAL globes of all sizes that I would channel my new love in a new way- bunting. pretty school fete/kids party I know, but I like it makes any boring wall more exciting instantly.

I found these maps in one of the local charity shops. The red and cream one is an ordinance survey map of the Torquay area and I think it's from 1946. Im not sure how old the other one is but it was slightly cheaper so im guessing not as old, its a 'Bartholomews revised half inch contoured map' of Exmoor. I used the old map of the two to make the bunting.

It was easy to make, just used a template I made of two triangles joined together and drew around it loads of times on the map then cut them out. I then folded them so they would hang over the sting. I measured the string and started using a bit of PVA glue to attach the flags at even intervals. I needed a bit more glue to stick the two halves of each flag together as the folds of the map were making them hang crooked and bent. Below are a few photos of them hanging in my room, I think I need to find a better home for them !!! x

New location

The floor is definatly better than a desk. Any day x