Thursday, 14 July 2011

Jme range by Jamie Oliver and Pearlfisher

I only came across this range of Jamie Oliver food recently when in a small town on the south coast. It immediately caught my attention. Not because it was by Jamie Oliver, quite the opposite. The typography, colours and illustrations that have been used seem to create a fresh branding approach. Of corse the handmade graphics/ witty approach has been done before, but this range seems to have something special about it. With each different product there was a different graphic response. Whether it was lemon curd or tartar sauce, they were all treated individually, but still as a whole. I found myself wanting to stand there for hours looking at the different jars, packets and bottle and I definitely wanted to take them all home. They were all designed by Pearlfisher London, an agency that I hadn't previously heard of, but they seem to be big players in the branding industry.

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