Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It's nice that- issue 3

Just got mine today and it is SO SO SO nice. Printed on really nice thick paper and is more of a book that a magazine. The Parra print is also lovely, well worth the price tag x

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

RED/WHITE exhibtion

A few of us headed down to an exhibition some of the second and third years were part of in the Triangle shopping centre. Some of the work is also from Leeds Art College students as well. Here are some photos of my favourites- sorry I don't know who they are by! x

I met the walrus

Pretty old but nice all the same x


The last project of the spring term where we had to use Adobe InDesign to create A3 portrait layouts on 'three things you should know about', which had to include copy and images. In then end mine turned out to be on '108 things that piss me off'.

Here are two final layouts, the illustrations are by me, and relate to the text. x


First project back after the christmas break- text as image.

We were only allowed to use Adobe Illustrator to illustrate the quote of our choice

(changing the file format has lost some of the detail has been lost in the word 'jelly')

We then had to do a similar thing with a dialogue, here is just one of a series of five outcomes.

This piece was made using letterpress and then scanning in the printed words and altering them using the computer x

A loverly music video by a band i've never heard of; Blue Roses; Doubtful concepts

The imagery and the music really mix well, the use of the 3D camera technology has been used really sensitivly unlike some of the 3D work that is around at the moment. x


For the last project of the first term, we had to create and draw our own storyboard on an article in a newspaper, my story was based on a dustbin driver who was partly blind, running over and killing his co-worker and friend, morbid, I know. I then translated the two storyboards into a book format. The results are below. x

Uni work- Project 1.2

A project from early on this academic year.

The brief was to come up with a solution to various different phrases. The one I chose to explore was 'sympathetic orchestra'. I looked into the interactions and speech of people who live together, here is the outcome;


Hi! Welcome to my first ever blog. My plan for it is to be a place to post my own work as well as interesting design work by others. Hope you enjoy! x