Saturday, 27 November 2010

Mapping Music

This project is finally done. Hurrah!

I really enjoyed it actually. I took a different approach to my research and idea generation stage and it seemed to have paid off. I didn't find I got stuck in a rut at any point with any of my ideas. If anything I had more than enough, and i would have loved to have taken more further. Maybe that will be a job over Christmas....

I chose the song Koral by the band oval- itunes it. It's very slow, repetitive and peaceful. In my final 'map' I tried to focus on the repetitive and simple nature of the song by making a never ending book. The book was comprised of 102 pages as there were 102 seconds in the song. I cut holes in each page to represent a note and how long it lasted for. I also made an A1 print showing each circle and a stop frame animation which would show how the holes and pages related to the song.

I'm not happy with the quality of the photos taken of the book- that shall be a job for xmas! Hope you enjoy x

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