Tuesday, 6 July 2010


As I am on a very logn summer break, and un-employed, I decicded I would try my hand at making some paper bunting out of old maps. I think this new infatuation started when I saw this...

(It's a random window in Amsterdam, jealous of the pile of globes)

So i decided that as im definatly too poor too afford REAL globes of all sizes that I would channel my new love in a new way- bunting. pretty school fete/kids party I know, but I like it makes any boring wall more exciting instantly.

I found these maps in one of the local charity shops. The red and cream one is an ordinance survey map of the Torquay area and I think it's from 1946. Im not sure how old the other one is but it was slightly cheaper so im guessing not as old, its a 'Bartholomews revised half inch contoured map' of Exmoor. I used the old map of the two to make the bunting.

It was easy to make, just used a template I made of two triangles joined together and drew around it loads of times on the map then cut them out. I then folded them so they would hang over the sting. I measured the string and started using a bit of PVA glue to attach the flags at even intervals. I needed a bit more glue to stick the two halves of each flag together as the folds of the map were making them hang crooked and bent. Below are a few photos of them hanging in my room, I think I need to find a better home for them !!! x

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